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Are you wondering how to patch up a hole in your home budget? An online loan installment can be a good solution. It’s a simple way to borrow a certain amount of money. Repayment can be divided into monthly installments, the amount of which will be repayable. The entire application and loan granting process takes place online. All you have to do is enter your personal data, specify the amount and nature of your earnings and we are left waiting for the lender’s decision. To find the best offer on the market, it’s worth spending some time and attention. The loan involves costs that the borrower covers after all. It is in his interest to find the cheapest loan possible.

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Installment loan online

An online installment loan is an ideal solution for people who value their time and want comfort. Most of us don’t like queuing at bank branches. However, having a computer and Internet access, we obtain very comfortable conditions for using banking services. To get a loan online, you must first complete the appropriate application on the lender’s website. Here it should be noted that it does not necessarily have to be a bank. You can also take out a loan at a loan company or even at another business entity, or even at a natural person. All issues related to the loan are specified in the Civil Code. Filling out the application by providing relevant information will be the basis for assessing your creditworthiness. Of course, online installment loans are Easy to refinance and extend.

What requirements should be met?

What requirements must be met to get a loan? It all depends on who is our lender. Requirements for us will be different at the bank and different at the loan company. The rules for granting loans by banks are more or less a reflection of their lending policy. Banks are under the control of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which imposes prudential standards on them. Banks are obliged to comply with these standards. Therefore, they must be more restrictive in assessing the creditworthiness of their potential customers. To get a bank loan you need to have adequate earnings and good credit history at BIK. These are necessary conditions, otherwise, the bank will not grant you a loan. In the case of loan companies, the policy of granting loans is more flexible.

Loan costs

Loan costs

The cost of the loan consists of commission, margin, preparation fee or interest. And the latter constitute the largest part of the costs. What determines the amount of interest? The number of interest results from an interest-bearing loan, which the bank specifies on an annual basis. There is one condition – the interest rate may not be higher than four times the Lombard rate set by the National Bank of Poland. Interest is an important part of our monthly installments. With decreasing installments, interest is charged on the outstanding capital. To assess the total cost of the loan, you can use the Actual Annual Interest Rate – APRC, which includes interest rates and any fees associated with the loan.

Where is the loan worth?

Where is it worth to borrow online? Preferably where the offer will be best suited to our needs. If the costs are not important to you, and the most important is an installment of an acceptable amount, then you should consider a loan from a bank with a long repayment period. However, if you prefer to settle the matter quickly, say within a year, maybe the loan company’s offer will be better? Each offer must be approached individually. If costs are the most important for you, you can compare offers based on APRC. You will then receive information on the total cost of the loan. In this case, however, you can only compare loans with similar parameters, i.e. loans with a similar amount and repayment period.

How to repay a loan?

How to repay a loan?

An online loan should be repaid in monthly installments. Borrowers can choose from equal or decreasing installments. By far the most advantageous solution from the borrower’s point of view is installments decreasing. The monthly installment consists of the principal and interest parts. In this case, the interesting part is lower each month, as it is calculated on the outstanding capital. There is no such situation in equal installments. We pay installments of equal value throughout the loan repayment period. What to do when we have no money to pay the installment? This can happen to any borrower. Loss of liquidity can be caused even by unexpected expenses. Then it is worth informing the bank or loan company. Together, you should find a solution.